My experience in Laos was nothing short of amazing! Starting in Luang Prabang I decided to head north while most of the other travelers were heading south. Making my way to the Luang Namtha region I began visiting the various hill tribes who lived along the Luang Namtha river. Not for nothing buy my dreadlocks act as the best ice breaker I could ever ask for. Many travelers treat indigenous people like zoo animals as they pass through on their vacation. Well when I show up all eyes are on me. The white boy with the crazy hair. I'm like a circus freak to half of these people especially the ones who have never seen dreads. At one point I had an entire village of about 30 people standing around me in awe as some of the elders touched my dreads and made small talk. Once we're all smiling and laughing and have become friends the camera comes out and it's a much more comfortable situation. When it comes down to it we're all just people and if you show a little respect and patience you can bring down the biggest of walls. Northern Laos provided me with a truly eye opening experience and it's not one that I will soon forget.